Wheel alignment is a crucial aspect of guaranteeing a BMW's exceptional performance. That's why BMW of South Albany in Glenmont has created a page with all the information drivers could need on the topic. Skip the BMW wheel alignment near me Google search, save time, and read on to find out what wheel alignment is, why it's needed, and how we provide excellent wheel alignment services for our BMW owners.

What BMW Wheel Alignment Is and When It's Needed

Wheel alignment is the process of making sure that all four wheels point in the same direction, avoiding drifting, allowing the vehicle to drive optimally and straight, and protecting tires. Scheduling regular BMW wheel alignment services helps extend tire life.

Owners should have their BMW wheel alignment checked and performed every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, and more frequently if experiencing the following:

  • Driving often on poorly maintained roads with imperfections, potholes, abnormalities, etc., that could negatively impact wheel alignment 
  • Uneven tire wear 
  • Noticeable steering wheel vibration at both low and high speeds
  • Pulling (an involuntarily drifting to the right or left sides of the road when driving straight)
  • Steering wheel tilt (the inability to drive straight unless the steering wheel is turned) 
  • Uneven tire inflation (when tires often have different inflation levels despite inflating them regularly or at the same time)

Why Wheel Alignment Is So Important

Poor wheel alignment has the potential to damage tire integrity in the following ways:

  • Tire tread becomes smooth on one side and sharp on the other, a process called feathering that can destroy the tire
  • Worn exterior or interior tread, also known as camber tread, increases the chance of the tire breaking down
  • Tread block wear, commonly called heel and toe wear, is also responsible for the demise of many BMW tires

Schedule BMW Wheel Alignment Services with BMW of South Albany in Glenmont

The beauty of BMW is the elegance built into every element of its performance. Malaligned tires no longer stand in the way of that beauty with BMW of South Albany's qualified service team at your fingertips. Scheduling this service has never been easier and more pleasant. Take our current BMW service specials as an incentive to take the beauty of your BMW seriously. 

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