New BMW i8: More Than a Sports Car

The BMW i8 isn't your typical sports car with speed and exceptional handling. This is a hybrid vehicle that allows for exceptional fuel efficiency while still have the power behind the TwinPower Turbo engine. While you're at a stop on a road, you can get from zero to 60 in less than five seconds, a feature of the vehicle that makes it stand out from others.

Notice the wheelbase that is extended as well as the sleek lines on the side of the car, giving it a striking appearance and one that makes the car appear as though it's in motion at all times. Air control vents are located on the front of the car to allow more air to flow through, keeping the engine as cool as possible.

The interior of the i8 focuses on the comfort of the driver. BMW of South Albany can adjust the seats along with the gear shift lever so that they are in a position of convenience. A high-resolution screen on the dash shows all of the details that you need in a clear and sophisticated fashion each time you're behind the wheel.



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