How to Determine What Viscosity Rating Your Vehicle Needs

If you drive a car, you know that it needs oil. But, do you know that viscosity rating is best for your vehicle, and why?

Viscosity is the thickness of a liquid, or how easily it runs when poured out. Water pours easier than molasses, for example, and is less viscous. Oil viscosity is affected by outdoor temperatures. When it gets cold outside, oil has a higher viscosity. Hotter weather means lower viscosity.

In the number and letter sequence, like 10W40, on a motor oil container, the letter "W" stands for winter. The numbers before the W give the viscosity measurement when it is cold. The numbers after the W give the rating when it is hot. The lower the first numbers are, the better the oil viscosity will be in cold climates. The higher the second numbers, the better for hot climates.

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