Plan Ahead for Winter Car Care

We at BMW of South Albany love to teach our community about winter driving and safety. Part of winter driving is making sure that your vehicle is ready for the cooler temperatures and any harsh driving conditions. Planning ahead will help you stay prepared when temperatures start to drop.

Make a list of fluids and filters that you need to change or check. You should also have your battery, tires, tire pressure, heater/defroster, brakes, and lights checked to make sure they work properly. If you need to pull off the road because of an emergency, a winter emergency kit can help you stay safe and warm.

Your emergency kit should include blankets, boots, gloves, a shovel, water, extra fluids, and a battery charger/jumper cables. It is important to have an alternative way to charge your cell phone, and extra warm clothes, just in case you need to get out of your car and find help.



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