4 Expert Tips for Protecting Your BMW’s Paint

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Along with maintaining the most important parts of your BMW, the exterior also needs your care and attention. Wear and tear from regular use as well as facing elements every day such as road salt during the winter months, tree sap, even dirt can cause serious damage to your BMW’s paint. 
4 Ways to Protect Your BMW’s Paint
1. Extreme temperatures: Protect your BMW from extreme temperatures because the fluctuation is apt to cause the paint to expand and contract. The expansion and contracting then leads to cracks. Once a crack in the paint forms, it is easier for water and moisture to get in which can then cause rust. In Upstate New York it can be rather difficult to avoid fluctuating temperatures. However, storing your BMW in a garage can help keep the vehicle at a more consistent temperature, especially if the garage is heated or air conditioned.
2. Wash it regularly: In addition to regularly maintaining your BMW’s engine, tires, and braking system, you should also regularly wash your vehicle. If you decide to wash it on your own as opposed to going to a car wash, make sure you aren’t using harsh chemicals or hard water. Both of these factors can have a coarse effect on the top protective layer. Using top-quality products and soft sponge or mitt will help you clean your BMW while protecting the top layer and the paint. 
3. Protective wax treatment: Washing your BMW regularly will help protect the paint, but, you will also need to have it waxed from time to time. The ideal solution here would be taking your vehicle in for a professional waxing treatment. Many of the cheaper solutions offered in stores can cause irreversible damage to your BMW. It is a worthwhile investment that is specifically designed to help protect the longevity of your BMW’s top coat. 
4. Birds and insects: While Mother Nature can be truly wonderful, especially if you’re on an adventure in your BMW, birds and insects can also be harmful to your BMW’s paint. Bird droppings and dead insects are not only unsightly on your vehicle, leaving these types of matter on your vehicle can have long-term effects and cause serious damage. It may not be completely avoidable, but, parking further from tress, using a car cover, parking in an enclosed garage can help protect your BMW’s paint. Since it isn’t completely avoidable, you should have your car washed as soon as something of this nature happens to keep it looking like new.  
These are only 4 of the expert tips we have for you in order to protect your BMW’s paint and keep it looking like new. We’d love to know what you’re doing to keep your BMW’s paint protected. Share your tips and pictures of your BMW with us on Facebook (@bmwofsouthalbany) or Instagram (@bmwsouthalbany)! If you’re in the market for a new or certified pre-owned BMW, or need to schedule an appointment, contact us today. Our professionals look forward to working with you.   
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