The BMW X Can Power Your Versatile Lifestyle

When you drive a BMW X, you get sports car performance in the form of a small SUV. BMW has made it easy to choose the right X model for you by offering several different versions. There is a BMW X that can fit your needs regardless of your lifestyle.

The X1 is the entry-level model; However, there is nothing basic about it. The X1 was designed to make driving enjoyable. It has the power to take you from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. Yet, it also contains several safety features to protect you and your passengers. It is a good choice for those that want true balance.

The BMW X2 takes it up a notch. The 2018 X2 is the first of its kind. It features an all-wheel drive motor with 2.0 L. It also uses an 8-speeed Steptronic transmission which can be used in manual or sport mode. As a Sports Activity Coupe, it comes with numerous features that can enhance your driving style.

If you are shopping for an SUV in Glenmont, NY, come by BMW of South Albany for a test drive. Find out which BMW X model is right for you.

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