Proper Tire Pressure and What it means for Your Vehicle

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Many drivers don’t consider tire pressure as part of their vehicle’s maintenance routine. However, maintaining the manufacturer recommended pressure is as essential as changing the engine’s fluids.

Dangers of Low Tire Pressure

Driving a vehicle with low tire pressure increases the braking distance while also diminishing the responsive steering and handling. If you were in a situation where you needed to stop quickly, lower tire pressure would prohibit you from doing so which could potentially lead to a dangerous situation.

Additionally, tires that are underinflated will need to be replaced quicker than those who have proper pressure. When they are underinflated they wear more rapidly at the outer edges of the tread which causes damage to the tire. They will also suffer from higher rolling resistance which will reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Determining and Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

When you purchase your vehicle from BMW of South Albany it will come with the manufacturer owner’s manual which should be referenced for the proper tire pressure. The optimal tire pressure will vary depending on your specific vehicle. While looking at your tires, you may see tire pressure molded into the tire’s sidewall; this number indicates the pressure needed to meet the tire’s full rated load carrying capacity. You are advised not to follow this number but rather the one specified by the manufacturer which meets the specifications of the vehicle.

Checking tire pressure regularly and prior to long road trips is essential. Doing so will help maintain the life of your tires and reduce repair costs. Using a quality gauge you are able to quickly monitor the pressure in each tire. Additionally, you can  contact the BMW of South Albany Service Department and our BMW Certified Technicians will be glad to ensure proper tire pressure. It is also ideal to check the pressure when the vehicle has had time to rest and cool. You may receive an increased pressure reading when the vehicle and tires are hot.

Contact BMW of South Albany 

Whether you are unsure of your ability to maintain proper tire pressure or you would simply like to add it to your vehicle maintenance routine with our BMW Certified Professionals, contact us today and we’ll get you on you on the road again! 

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